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The games are almost here! While we didn’t get to go to Tokyo this year to watch the summer games we have some ideas on how you can participate at home. Grab the kids, your neighbor’s kids, and/or your friend’s kids and host a Summer Game Event of your own. Setting up these games doesn’t require much, but there are a few things that can help: stopwatch function on the phone, jump ropes, frisbee, bean bags, different balls, hula hoops, prizes

Timed Events

Grab a stopwatch (or the stopwatch function on your phone), and find a task for the kids to complete. Place markers on and see how fast the kids can run from one marker to the other – short or long-distance running. You can also time the kids to see how many push-ups they can do, how long they can hold a handstand, or how long they can stand on one leg. Have the kids help you design an obstacle course for another great-timed event.

Relay Events

Relays can be done almost anywhere. They are a fun way for kids to work together toward a common goal and promote teamwork and cooperation. For running relays, you can have the kids decide what they can use as a relay item or better yet have them decorate a stick with yarn, makers, or paint so it’s colorful. Just make sure you let the paint dry before using it!

Jumping Events

Your summer game events can include who jumped the highest, who can jump the most on one foot, or who can jump rope the longest (timed-event). You can also add in double dutch challenges. Don’t forget to ask the kids for ideas for jumping challenges.

Throwing Events

Grab a frisbee, mark your starting point and see who can throw the frisbee the farthest. You can also grab a softball or bean bag and use that to see how far it can be thrown. You can also use bean bags or other heavier bonus points to make this a science activity and discuss how weight will affect how far an item can be thrown.

Hula Hoop Events

This one is a perfect summer game event: Who can hula hoop the longest the traditional way or even who can spin the hula hoop on their arm or foot (timed game). You can also use the hula hoops as markers for throwing games, or even in your obstacle course.

Ball Events

Relays, furthest kick, how many goals you can kick in a set amount of time, and more can easily be done on a field with a standard, improvised goal and a soccer ball or kickball. Dribbling, shooting, and other basketball skill-related competitions are fun too!


The great thing about kids is that they don’t really need huge prizes. It can be something as simple as a gold star or the first pick of a treat. You can even have the kids make the medals for each event using paper and markers/crayons/paint. Or you can celebrate all the kids by giving them a popsicle or ice cream treat at the end of the events!

Don’t forget to check the rules if you are using a playground/ park. If you are doing these with your neighbors on the street make sure to set out signs and watch out for traffic.

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