Do You Need a Dental Cleaning? | South Atlanta Moms

Teaching your children good oral health is something that you should be doing from birth. Lead by example and stay on top of taking care of your babies while they grow their teeth. Oral health is directly related to heart health, so it is never too early to take care of your children’s mouths!

Oral health begins in infancy. Your babies don’t have their teeth in yet, but you should still be regularly looking in their mouth. A great way to take care of a baby’s oral health is to rub their gums with a warm washcloth. You can also purchase the small finger toothbrushes to massage their gums. Even though your child does not have teeth, the mouth is still a host for bacteria. Dentists recommend softly rubbing your baby’s gums after they eat to help cut down on the amount of bacteria that is formed in the mouth. This practice will also help ease your children into brushing their teeth with a children’s toothbrush during toddlerhood.

Babies that regularly had their gums cleaned during infancy are less likely to shy away from brushing during toddlerhood. When the teeth begin to pop through the gums you want to make sure you’re taking care of them! You do want to make sure that your child is using a tiny amount of toothpaste when brushing. There are a number of flavored toothpastes on the market that are perfect for children who are not yet ready for strong minty toothpaste.  Baby teeth and oral health is just as important as in adulthood! Don’t forget to make a dentist appointment for your child around the age of 2-3. Going to the dentist young allows for preventative measures to be taken early that will set your child up for good oral health later in life. Regular cleanings and fluoride sealings can help prevent cavities.

Some oral health problems cannot be prevented with regular care. While taking care of your teeth and brushing them regularly is so important, sometimes the mouth has other plans for how the teeth are going to grow in! Teeth may need to be extracted for crowding or preparation for orthodontic treatment among other reasons. If you suspect that your child is in need of a dentist, look into Metro Decatur Dental Group PC. They can help you with tooth extraction in Decatur GA.

Metro Decatur Dental Group PC has a state of the art facility and can provide your family with top-notch oral care no matter what stage of life you’re in. They offer general dentistry as well as cosmetic dentistry and restoration dentistry. You can visit them for your cleaning every six months, and trust them with your orthodontic care as well. Everything you need in one convenient office. The whole family can visit to take care of their dental needs. They have thorough and gentle practices that will leave your mouth feeling clean and pain-free.

Is your family staying on top of their oral health needs? Is it time for your teen to get braces? Does your husband need a cleaning? Do you feel like you might have a cavity? Metro Decatur Decatur Dental Group PC is ready to serve your entire family and don’t worry – Dr. Simms is known for being caring and gentle, so you can rest easy. They can give you what you need even if you’re just wanting to make your smile a little more bright white! Don’t forget, oral care is important and has a direct impact on your heart. Take care of your teeth, and don’t skip your dental appointments!


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