TikTok’s Alix Earle: Why Do Moms Over 30 Love Her? | South Atlanta Moms

Credit: Alix Earle


Alix Earle is the current darling of TikTok, with over 4 million followers who watch her makeup tutorials,  Get Ready with Me (GRWM) and college life-meets-mega influencer content. It’s not really a mystery she’s popular—she’s as gorgeous (in a Paris Hilton meets Pamela Anderson kind of way) as she is authentic (an open book on everything from her breast augmentation to her lip filler). You don’t have to be a social scientist to figure out that her male followers largely are there for the stunning visual package. And her female followers have plenty to garner inspiration from, with the daily insight into exactly how she puts it all together. But there is one group that is stitching Alix’s posts at surprising numbers—and that’s moms in their 30s, 40s, and 50s…so why are middle-age Moms loving Alix Earle? We have a few theories…

She Reminds of Us of a Time When We Focused on Ourselves
What mom doesn’t reminisce about the college and post-college days of studying, or working, and spending the rest of our time on self-care and friends? Life might be fuller and more rich now, but if we could just transport ourselves for a day when our biggest decision was which Essie polish to choose or which bar to go to for happy hour? That would be pretty nice.

She Knows What She’s Doing with Hair & Makeup
Many of us haven’t changed up our makeup since the pre-kid days. Alix sources the best products, from Drunk Elephant bronzing drops to Charlotte Tilbury lip liner, before they’re popular—and then make them viral. Just like The Local Moms Network, she’s giving busy moms the gift of time, one video at a time.

She’s Close with her Siblings
Like many of us, Alix has a modern family—and her stepmother happens to be Ashley Dupré who was at the center of the political scandal surrounding Governor Eliot Spitzer.  While that’s sort of an interesting factoid, her videos with her sisters are sweet, relatable, and what Mom doesn’t want to watch siblings enjoying each other?

Her Look Might be Fake—But She Isn’t
For moms that grew up in the 90s to ‘00s era of air-brushing magazine covers and starlets lying about nose jobs or breast implants, it’s refreshing for us to see this young girl be an open book to her followers—including younger girls. Do we want our daughters to emulate her? That’s a much larger question. But do we appreciate that our teenage daughters know she didn’t suddenly have Barbie’s figure when she hit puberty? Absolutely.

She’s Living her Best Life
When we were 23, we weren’t flying for free to Dubai on influencer trips (influencers didn’t exist at the time) or rubbing elbows with Serena Williams in VIP sections at horse races in Miami.  But we were carefree, and traveled, went clubbing, and spent our time and money how we wanted. And if your big travel trip in the past decade or two revolved around a cartoon mouse in Orlando, it can be fun following along with the life of Alix.

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