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Kids and LEGO toys? It’s like a match made in toy heaven! LEGO has always been the go-to choice for sparking creativity and keeping little ones entertained. From constructing people and buildings to crafting fantastical creatures, the possibilities are as boundless as your child’s imagination. I still remember that unforgettable weekend when we transformed our family room into a sprawling LEGO dinosaur park – laughter, creativity, and pure joy in the air.


But, as time flew by, our son’s interest in LEGO blocks waned. Those bins of colorful bricks lay dormant, holding memories of countless imaginative adventures.


Now, here’s where the surprise comes in – enter LEGO Replay, a heartwarming initiative that reignites the magic of LEGO while giving back to those in need.


The LEGO Replay Process: It couldn’t be simpler! You can print a shipping label, pack up those beloved LEGO blocks (in any condition or type – no need to sort!), and send them off. But here’s where the real magic happens – these donated LEGO bricks are meticulously cleaned and sanitized before finding their way into the hands of children through Teach for America and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston.


By donating your LEGO, you’re doing more than decluttering your home; you’re making a positive impact in three meaningful ways:

1. Sparking Joy in Others: Your unplayed LEGO blocks find new life in the hands of kids who might not have had the chance to experience this joy before.

2. Going Green: You’re contributing to a more sustainable future by recycling and reducing waste – a small act with a big environmental impact.

3. Decluttering with Purpose: Say goodbye to those bins of LEGO that have been gathering dust and hello to a tidier, more purposeful space.


It’s a win-win-win situation! So, if you have LEGO blocks waiting to embark on a new adventure, print that shipping label, box them up, and take them to the nearest FedEx location. Let’s come together as a community, share the LEGO love, and create smiles, one brick at a time.


Ready to make a difference? Learn more about LEGO Replay and how you can participate. Click  HERE to visit the RePlay site.

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