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Many homeowners look forward to the summer months for putting their house on the market. Summer break is around the corner, there’s more daylight, and it’s a better time for their family. 

Right now, homeowners have the opportunity to take advantage of a seller’s market. Because of low mortgage rates and a pandemic-fueled desire for homeownership, buyers’ demand has significantly increased. 

So, if you’re considering putting your house on the market this summer, here are a couple of steps you can take to ensure it is offer ready.  

Declutter Your Space. 

The first step to preparing your house to put on the market is to declutter. People collect an uncountable number of objects over the years. Many of these things don’t have any necessity or value, but they still take up space.

Remove all your belongings from shelves and other spaces. Clear out your kitchen and workspace as well. Getting rid of excess things makes it easier for a potential buyer to consider your house. 

Depersonalize Your House

Depersonalizing your house means getting rid of any objects that imply that the home was once owned by a family. This could mean family photographs, heirlooms, souvenirs, and other items that might signify your presence there. 

It is easier for potential buyers to imagine themselves in a house that has been depersonalized and looks like a vacant property. Remove any extravagant or unnecessary furniture as well, as that may be different from your buyer’s taste.  

Organize Cabinets and Closets 

Empty spaces are crucial to attracting buyers. Potential buyers will always look for storage spaces in the house to determine if the house should fit their needs. For this reason, you need to declutter and organize your storage spaces including all wardrobes, closets, and cabinets. If your buyer finds an unorganized cabinet shelf or closet, chances are they will lose their interest in the house. 

Organizing your cabinets and closets sends off a positive message to your buyer. It shows the buyer that you take good care of the storage spaces and keep them organized. Which would in turn imply that you have also taken good care of the house. 

Make Repairs

In a seller’s market, it is usually acceptable to sell houses without much repair work done. This is because the demand is high, and the supply is low. Any potential buyer would be lucky to land on a good house. However, that should not stop you from making a few repairs to the house that can significantly increase the value of the house and bring better offers to you. 

For example, a fresh coat of paint will not only give your house a neat and clean look but will make it a better choice for your buyers since you have already invested in a paint job. Other examples can include fixing lightbulbs or taking care of leaks. This will go on to show the buyer that you do care about the house and the buyer. 

Clean Up the House

Having already mentioned decluttering, this shouldn’t come off as a surprise. You need to clean your house perfectly before you put it out on the market. No buyer would want to even tour a dirty house, which would reflect your attention and care towards the house. 

Clean the floor, rugs, carpets, tabletops, windows, and other accessories. Wash all sidewalks and walls. Keep vacuuming the house and cleaning all mirrors around the house. A sparkly clean house will attract more buyers and will create a positive impression of the house on them.

Create Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is a significant factor in selling your house. First impressions count. And if the buyer’s first impression of your house isn’t good, chances are they wouldn’t be interested in the house very much. Creating curb appeal is an important part of getting good offers on your house. 

Make the exterior of your house more appealing by fixing the door, giving the exterior a paint job, and refurbishing the garden or yard by planting new flowers and plants and trimming them. A clean lawn will make the house look elegant even from outside. 

These are some of the most important steps that you will need to take to make your house ready for sale. Especially in the summer, when your children are home, you can do it all collectively as a family and get the house on the market without much delay. You can reap great benefits from the seller’s market by following these steps and putting your house on the market as soon as school is out for summer break. 

Written By: Kandance Webley, REALTOR ®

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