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Eight years ago, Jill Koziol, along with cofounder Liz Tenety, launched Motherly,  a comprehensive parenting education platform aimed at millennial moms. Previously, Jill invented and brought an innovative parenting device, HoneyBee Child SwingEase, to market; it converts playground swings into baby swings.

After exiting that successful brand, she teamed up with Liz, a former journalist, and the two entrepreneurs quickly realized they had an idea worth pursuing. Today, Motherly has an audience of 40 million, and last year, were named an Inc. 5000 fastest-growing private company. For this week’s Meet a Mom interview, we asked the Park City, Utah-based mom of two about building her brand, her mom mantra, and more.

What sets Motherly apart?
Motherly exists to redefine motherhood and empower mothers to thrive through our content, community, and commerce offerings. We differentiate ourselves by being woman-centered, evidence-based, and non-judgmental, and by supporting mothers through the entire journey of motherhood.

Has the perception of motherhood changed, even since you’ve launched?
Yes! We’ve a long way to go to get mothers the structure support they deserve but I believe Motherly has successfully led the way to redefine motherhood for a generation, helping women see that motherhood can be an opportunity to nurture, not lose themselves. Through our annual State of Motherhood survey and report, we arm mothers and their allies with the data needed to advocate for change — this year we see affordable childcare, workplace flexibility, and access to mental health services emerge as important needs.

What is your mom mantra?
When my girls were young and the physicality of motherhood was really draining, I reminded myself that, “it doesn’t get easier, but I do get stronger”. Now, in the tween years I remind myself to, “meet them where they are and stay relevant in their lives.” I also consistently think, “I can’t wait to see who you become” as it helps me stay curious and open to them as they evolve.

Who do you think are the crucial people in a mom’s “village”?
I learn from and lean on so many amazing people in my village, from my husband to my friends, family, doctors, Motherly, and more. For me it’s critical to have other mothers in my life with children the same age, or a bit older, who can truly empathize with me along the journey as we navigate different milestones.

How has The Motherly Podcast helped drive the conversation?
My cofounder, Liz Tenety, is The Motherly Podcast host and as an award-winning journalist, she creates magic in every interview. Through the podcast we are changing the conversation, through honest conversations about modern motherhood through the lens that women gain superpowers in motherhood that impact their entire lives.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?
Motherhood is a lifestyle-redefining shift that impacts the vast majority of women. At Motherly we take motherhood seriously and offer resources to help women live their best lives as mothers and women. You can check out our new *free* digital education classes here.

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