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The past 12+ months have been a whirlwind for teachers, support staff, and SLP’s in the school systems. To celebrate their hard work and dedication, I have been wracking my brain trying to come up with some of the best gifts for teachers this year. They deserve so much more than a $5 coffee gift card, and it’s time that we really show them how much we appreciate their hard work, effort, and willingness to put their health on the line for our children. Here are a few gifts for teachers this school year. If you have any additional ideas, I would love to add them to the list:

Spa services

No one deserves pampering as much as teachers do. They spend every single day taking care of other people – your children – and they give them the best gift in the world: an education. Giving teachers experiences, rather than things, is a great way to celebrate them. Self-care is incredibly important for teachers, but I’ve heard that when they do have extra money, they rarely spend it on themselves. Gifting massages, mani + pedis, or other spa treatments, as well, is a great way to say “Thank you!” Even if a teacher doesn’t feel comfortable with in-person spa services at the moment, a lot of spa gift cards don’t expire right now (double check this with the specific gift card that you are giving, of course), so a massage can be something to look forward to when things get back to normal. 

A custom name plaque

East Point Foundry creates custom plaques, bronze pet memorials, custom name plates, and more. For a teacher specifically, a custom name plate or a plaque would be the most fitting, I believe, unless you know that they recently lost a pet. East Point Foundry has been creating handcrafted Plaques Since 1948. “Bronze nameplates are a way to showcase a classic, elegant, and practical look in your space. Used for centuries, bronze is a recognized element that lends itself to be used in a variety of different ways and by a variety of people. Nameplates can help you fulfill your mission in honoring someone, remembering someone who has passed, or showcasing someone that is special to a certain organization. East Point Foundry has been creating these nameplates since 1948, focused on giving consumers the professionalism and class they are seeking to display. At East Point Foundry, each nameplate is handcrafted based on the customer’s need, making it our goal to meet the expectations you had in mind when searching for the perfect nameplate.” 

The great thing about East Point Foundry is that they handle a large majority of projects 100% in-house. This means that they are one of the few standing foundries that do not rely on costly middle-men. They are very organized, diligent, and responsive. Plus, affordable! They are interested in doing the right work, with very high-end products, for a fair price. BEcause of their quality craftsmanship, commitment to high-quality work, and great pricing, East Point Foundry has been a favorite by institutions and individuals all over the country. I truly think that a custom name plate handcrafted by the professionals at East Point Foundry would be an excellent gift for teachers!

A really great air purifier

What better gift to give right now than an air purifier? An air purifier, such as an Austin air purifier, can be used inside the classroom, to remove toxins and pathogens, helping the teacher stay safe, but beyond that, they can also take it home with them. Most of the really great air purifiers (like an Austin purifier) is on the expensive side, so you could always have everyone in the classroom chip in if you want to go this direction. Or, alternatively, you could do your research and find another high-quality, yet less expensive option. I will say, however, not all air purifiers are created equally, so make sure you really do your research and think through your purchase. Austin air purifiers are used in medical settings, so I truly think that although it is a splurge, the teacher would be so grateful to feel more protected (and spoiled!) during this time.

An airline gift card

Maybe it’s just me, but if I was a teacher, I would love an airline gift card. Travel has become pretty much impossible for teachers (and really, everyone) this past year. Give them something to look forward to, such as an airline gift card, or even a gift card to a hotel. If you are in the Atlanta area, a great place could be the Ritz on Lake Oconee, or Chateau Elan, in Braselton. You could also go North of Atlanta and check out a North Georgia resort in Helen, or somewhere close to that area. Add on a spa package while you’re at it, and they would be set for a great weekend away, where they do not have to worry about teaching or balancing 20 kids at once. Again – teachers need all the self-care they can get, but it’s hard to actually implement that and make it happen without an incentive. A gift card to an airline, or a hotel, is a great way to give them that little push by taking care of (at least part of) the bill.



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