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Your to-do list is never ending, but you aren’t sure where to start when the kids are in school. Sound familiar? Most moms feel this way! There is never enough time in the day, so checking off that to-do list can become stressful and a lot of the time, we are so wrapped up in the “what should I do first?” question, that it’s hard to just jump in and knock things out. That’s why I’ve come up with this list that can help you stay on track. Here are 5 things to do while the kids are in school!

Take time for yourself

Taking time for yourself is not a selfish thing to do while the kids are in school. Most of the time, our days revolve around them so much that we forget about our wants and needs. You can take care of yourself by going to get a manicure or pedicure, getting a massage, going to the gym, running errands that are stressing you out, getting a head start on dinner (so that you aren’t stressed at night), or having lunch with a friend. You might think that some of these things are selfish, but stop right there. Your physical and mental health are both so important and both aspects of health directly affects your ability to be a great parent. If you are not taking care of yourself, how can you take care of little ones? It is hard, trust me there. If you have put yourself, your mental health, and your physical health on the backburner lately, change that attitude and start focusing on yourself again while they are in school!

Check off that to-do list

Do you have a to-do list that is piling up and weighing down on you? Start knocking it out sooner rather than later! It can be very challenging to get your to-do list done with kids in tow, so take advantage of time without them. Do any grocery or clothes shopping, get your home clean, take the dry cleaning to the dry cleaner, and make sure you check off any other errands that need to be done. One thing that I love to get done while the kids are in school is taking care of any car maintenance needs. Nobody thinks getting an oil change, a Mercedes key replacement in Atlanta, or a wheel alignment is fun. In fact, I think most of you will agree with me that it’s one of the things that you dread the most. Kids feel the same way! But, when you find a place that takes great care of your car, it’s much easier to take your car in to get the work done (I still prefer to do it while the kids are in school, though!). 

MBT of ATLANTA Mercedes Master Techs is a great example of a place that takes great care of their customers (and their cars). Located in the Greater Gwinnett area, their customers travel from Buckhead, Doraville, Marietta, Sandy Springs, and the rest of the Metro Atlanta area because everyone knows that they are the best. They have years of experience under their belts and they love cars + love to take care of their customers. Owner and technician, David Jacov, leads his team of experienced Mercedes technicians to provide the best service in Gwinnett county. They provide quick and quality, friendly service and they bring honesty and value to every interaction. Plus, they have the tools, skills, and a desire to help. 

MBT of ATLANTA specializes in Mercedes cars, so you know that they are highly trained and skilled. They also offer the latest STAR diagnostic technology, which is how they offer high-quality service with a quick turnaround. If you need a convenient (and quick) way to keep your car healthy, look no further than MBT of ATLANTA.

Turn on the TV

It doesn’t have to be all business when the kids are in school. Like I mentioned above, you deserve time for yourself, too. Although watching TV isn’t the most productive thing in the world, it sure brings me joy to watch some funny or dramatic TV for a day. It is a great way to reduce stress!

Get some extra zzz’s

One thing that most moms need more of? Sleep! That’s why I believe that we should get some extra zzz’s while we can. Not feeling productive or in a slump? Take a quick nap (30 minutes or less) and then get back to it. I bet you will get more done after you feel a bit more refreshed!

Plan a fun trip

I love surprising my family with trips, but it’s hard to plan a surprise trip (or even a trip that is not a surprise) with kids running around or hanging on me. That’s why I always plan my trips while the kids are in school. Not only does it help me stay focused so that I can really plan without distractions, but it helps me knock out the planning process a lot faster, too, without any potential slip ups in the planning process.

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